About us

We are a leading mobile technology company that facilitates all mobile bearers, e-commerce, applications and voucher solutions. We have been in the industry for over 18 years and have enjoyed year on year growth due to our expertise in keeping up with market trends. We are able to deliver customised solutions to Institutions, Government Departments, Mobile Networks, Corporations and Individuals.

Who we are

We are a Wireless Application Service Provider that abides by the principles, values, standards and rules set out in the Wireless Application Service Providers' Association code of conduct, which includes rules for advertising, guidelines on children's viewing times and information on adjudications. View the WASPA code of conduct here

Web + Mobile

We are able to deliver customised solutions to Corporates, SME and individuals either WEB or Mobile based.
We have in-depth experience in developing and marketing of any form of mobile solution or tool. With over 18 years of experience within the mobile industry, we have the ability to turn concepts into revenue generating services.

Seamless + Hassle-Free

Our aggregation services offer you a seamless and efficient connection to networks hassle free while leaving you to focus on growing your own services. We are connected to all Mobile Networks and offer an international gateway for delivery of bulk traffic. We offer individual training when making use of our portals and offer solutions making use of all technologies available by the mobile networks.

Our Skillset

We are proficient in multiple languages including Microsoft Technologies and Open Source. Our Linux and Windows servers are hosted locally in Johannesburg, South Africa.

We pride ourselves in creating FULL STACK solutions. From start to finish we will perfect your brand, application PLUS market your product while realising your dream. With our dedicated team we will surpass your expectations in product delivery.

VGD screenshot on an iMac

Clean Code

Technical Support

Retina Ready

Responsive Design


Some of Our Work

Our team is intentionally small, eclectic and skilled.
With our in-house expertise, we provide sharp and focused results in record time.

TAB News Network
TAB Sports Network

Complete branding and website mockup


Live cricket tournament scoring and tracking mobile app

Jaguar F-Type
Jaguar F-Type


Pride TV streaming content
Pride TV

Online streaming of premium and free movies as well as series

Win a GTI AND an Evoque
GTI + Evoque


Mobile app for Sausage Saloon
Sausage Saloon

Mobile app for customers and franchise owners

Mobile app for Sausage Saloon
Just Flicks

Online streaming of movies as well as series



Mobile app for Sausage Saloon

Live online streaming of horse racing event from all over the world.

The Station on Bree


Mercedes G350
Mercedes G350


Services we offer

Using the latest available technology we strive to supply all-round mobile and web solutions for big, medium or small businesses

Interactive Solutions

We specialise in creating USSD campaigns which allows a two-way communication of data vs. user input

Content Services

We offer a range of content delivery solutions. From daily soccer scores, bible verses or video on-demand. We provide a full stack solution

Mobile app screenshots
Web Development

We provide a full stack web development solution. We specialise is UX/UI clean code and fast servers

Mobile Applications

Bring us your idea and we will get it on any smartphone with a complete solution for iOS, Android or Windows

Our latest projects

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Dunkeld Johannesburg 2024
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